Jimmy Fallon on His Date with Nicole Kidman

And now Jimmy, happily married to producer Nancy Juvonen since , has revealed why nothing ever eventuated with the Australian actress – he had no idea she was interested. Nicole revealed in a appearance on his hit tonight show that she once had a crush on the popular presenter and arranged for the pair to meet. An oblivious Jimmy claimed he failed to understand Nicole’s attempts to date him. Responding to Nicole’s story to the radio presenter, he revealed a mutual friend Rick had asked if he could bring Nicole to his apartment to talk about a project. She’s gorgeous. By far, the most beautiful person who’s ever walked into my apartment,’ he gushed over the star. Despite ‘trying to be professional’, he soon found himself playing Mario Kart on Nintendo with Nicole, unaware of her romantic intentions.

Nicole Kidman Calls Out Jimmy Fallon Once Again For Never Asking Her Out

Now that Nicole Kidman ‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has gone viral, the actress is bound to field even more questions about her admission that she was once interested in the late-night host. Two days after the epic interview — during which Jimmy seemed shocked to find out he actually stood a chance with her — Nicole said the juicy chat was totally unplanned. As for whether Nicole got nervous about the confession, it seems she enjoyed watching Jimmy’s reaction as much as everyone else has.

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Wow, Jimmy Fallon really blew it with Nicole Kidman. Last year on a visit to The Tonight Show, Kidman revealed that she was once set up on an awful date with.

Hudson was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Penny Lane in the Cameron Crowe drama, while Fallon played the smaller role of music manager Dennis Hope. After remembering how much time they spent together on the Almost Famous set, Hudson revealed that she had been romantically interested in him at the time. Hudson would go on to meet and marry musician Chris Robinson shortly after Almost Famous finished filming, while Fallon would marry producer Nancy Juvonen.

Hudson is currently dating musician Danny Fujikawa. Nicole Kidman previously confessed in that she, too, had once hoped to date Fallon. During an appearance on his talk show, which quickly went viral, she recalled setting up a date with the comedian and visiting his apartment in the hopes of initiating something, only for Fallon to entirely miss her signals. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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Jimmy Fallon Blew His Chance to Date Nicole Kidman [Video]

Nicole Kidman isn’t the only big star who Jimmy Fallon blew his chances dating when he was younger. And she didn’t realize he had been interested in her then, too. She called him out for it during their Tonight Show interview this week. The two acted in ‘s Almost Famous together and became really close. Hudson saw that clip, and told Fallon: “Can I just tell you what happened to me as I was listening to this?

In the blink of an eye, Jimmy Fallon lost out on a chance to date Nicole Kidman.

Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have both put together a fantastic career in the entertainment industry, and both performers have amassed an impressive fortune thanks to their hard work. Fallon was an SNL star before becoming a late night host , and sharing his love of comedy and music while Kidman has put together one heck of an acting career.

Though they are quite different, both of these individuals found their footing and reached the top of the pile. As many are aware, many celebrities wind up dating other famous faces, but there have been a number of blown opportunities that few people know about. While they may not seem like the type of people to run in the same social circles, Fallon and Kidman did cross paths back in the day. Is it possible that Jimmy Fallon missed out on a chance to date Nicole Kidman?

Back when Jimmy Fallon was a much smaller star, he had a fateful encounter with Nicole Kidman, who was already one of the biggest actresses in the world. What Fallon did not realize at the time was that he had a chance to score some points with Nicole. His lack of awareness took the night in a totally different direction. While hosting Kidman on his show, Fallon would recall some of the finer points of that now infamous evening.

Fallon received a call from a friend saying that Kidman was interested in meeting with him at his apartment and that he needed to hurry up and get over there. This was for a potential role in a movie, which could have been huge for him at the time. Fallon recalls that he needed to stop at the store for something for the two to snack on, but he was pressed for time and was unrefined. After revealing this piece of information to the audience in attendance, Jimmy soon learned that Nicole was actually interested in him!

What Would Happen if Nicole & Jimmy Actually Dated

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. In a perfect world, NBC would cancel the Tonight Show and replace it with a nightly half-hour in which various celebrities are given free rein to just roast Jimmy Fallon as they see fit. When Nicole Kidman returned to Fallon’s show Thursday to plug her new movie Lion , we were given a little glimpse at what that sort of show might look like.

Jimmy Fallon left mortified when Nicole Kidman reveals he blew chance to date her – watch. Kidman called in at Fallon’s apartment for a casual.

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Jimmy Fallon learns how he missed out on a date with Nicole Kidman

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THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON — Episode (l-r) Actress Nicole Kidman during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on.

Jimmy Fallon once again proved he’s the master of picking up cues when Kate Hudson revealed on Monday that he missed out on a chance to date her. The revelation comes after The Tonight Show host’s infamous interview with Nicole Kidman in which the actress said he didn’t realize that she liked him. During his virtual chat with Hudson, the two reminisced on costarring in the film Almost Famous , remembering how well the cast got along and hanging out together. Then, she segued into Fallon disclosing on his show in that he had a crush on her, which caused Fallon to put his head in his hands out of embarrassment.

I wish people could have been in my body to watch you and I’s relationship and friendship because you gave me no indication. Hudson said she would have absolutely dated the comedian had he ever made his motives clear. Alas, he never did and she later married Chris Robinson.

Kate Hudson reveals she wanted to date Jimmy Fallon but he blew it

Jimmy Fallon is best known these days as a late-night talk show host , an affable entertainer with a flair for impersonations, and cracking himself up during interviews. However, before he legitimized his status as the host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon , the young man was hard at work trying to make his mark in Hollywood. Fallon starred in a variety of romantic comedies and popular dramas, including Almost Famous , opposite Kate Hudson. Recently, Fallon chatted with his former co-star, and Hudson revealed something rather surprising.

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He goes, ‘I have Nicole Kidman with me and she wants to meet you to be in Bewitched or something. I can be in your apartment in like 10 minutes. What do I do? Just get some cheese and crackers or something. What are you talking about? I don’t have anyone over to my house.

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When the actress stopped by “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday to talk about her new movie ” Paddington ,” Fallon brought up the one time he had met her before. As he recalled it, Kidman had come over his apartment to talk about a potential movie role, but the actress had a much different story. Her version of the meeting made Fallon fall out of his chair and had everyone turning red.

Posted: Jun 15,

Australian Women’s Weekly. Kidman replied: “Oh, I remember”. I don’t have people over to my house. I have video games and sneakers. And you wouldn’t talk. You wouldn’t say anything. You were like, hey. And I was like, okay, hmm. And then you put a video game on or something and I was like, this is so bad,” Nicole shares.

Kidman said he “wore sweat pants and a baseball cap and served brie cheese, corn chips and old Chinese food. This is so embarrassing.

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